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"Every man's memory...
is his private literature.."
Quote: Aldous Huxley..

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It's Still..
the same old Story...
A Fight..
Love and Glory..
A case of Do or Die..
No One Can Deny...!
The Fundamental Things Apply...
No Matter What...
The FUTURE Brings Us...
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'As Time Goes By'
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Excerpt Below:
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
By Staff Writer: Peter Steinbauer
MAIL TO:sports@bhamnews.com

"...When former Hoover High football team doctor Bill Bryant died in June 2006, the cards kept coming, flowing in from families not only in Hoover, but also Vestavia Hills and Homewood.

It was then clear to Bryant's family just how many people respected his work in the community.

Members of the Hoover High family honored Bryant's life before the football game against Vestavia Hills on Friday, presenting his family with a painting of the longtime team doctor.

Bryant is pictured in the painting in several scenes, assisting Hoover football players with injuries. The painting, completed by artist Alan Zuniga of Hoover, shows Bryant dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt, his easygoing demeanor evident.

"He's always very casual, very approachable," said Zuniga, who has two children that attend Hoover High, "So we wanted a nice image of him that said so."

.....In addition to the Hoover Bucs, Bill Bryant worked with other local high school teams through his private practice,


....Bryant discovered he had lung cancer in the spring of 2003. When he died in June of 2006, he left behind his wife, Konie, and four children."
UPDATE:Bill and Konie's daughter, JESSICA, was the subject of a
Spring 2008 "Auburn University Alumni Bulletin" story...HERE!