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Once and Again.... A Special Class comes along..
One that is part of the
Heart and Soul....
One that leaves Pieces of Memory...
Larger than Life....
The Class of 1971
At 'Old Stevenson High School'
Was such a class...!
"Every man's memory...
is his private literature.."
Quote: Aldous Huxley..
...Moon River...,
Wider than a Mile..
I'm crossing you in Style
One day..
We're after...
The same Rainbow's End..
Waiting 'Round The Bend..
My 'Huckleberry Friend'..
Moon River..
And ME!
Background Music
From the Movie:
Starring Audrey Hepburn
'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
~~The Late Dr. William P. Bryant~~

William P. Bryant, M.D.;in private practice of orthopaedic surgery, with an emphasis on sports medicine since 1984; served as team physician forHoover High School for 10 years. He also served as team physician for the Birmingham Steeldogs, a semi-pro arena football team, and the Birmingham Bulls, a minor league hockey team. Dr. Bryant graduated Cum Laude from Auburn University in 1975. He then received his Medical Degree in 1980 from the University of Alabama Medical School, and completed his Orthopaedic Surgery residency from U.A.B. Medical Center in 1984. He completed many training courses in the area of sports injuries of athletes and joint replacement techniques. While enjoying a family life with his wife and four children, Dr. Bryant donated a considerable amount of time in covering local athletic events. William P. Bryant, M.D. was the founding member of Southlake Orthopaedics Sports Medicine & Spine Center, P.C.

Training: University of Alabama Medical School; Birmingham, Alabama 1980 Surgical Internship: Carraway Methodist Medical Center; Birmingham, Alabama 1980 Orthopaedic Surgery Residency: University of Alabama Medical Center; Birmingham, Alabama 1984

Certification: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery 1986

Societies: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, Alabama State Medical Association, American Medical Association, Jefferson County Orthopaedic Society, Alabama Orthopaedic Society

Hospital Affiliations: Brookwood Medical Center, Shelby Baptist Medical Center, MedPlex Outpatient Surgery Center, Outpatient Care Center, HealthSouth Medical Center



He’s known as, “Buc’s Doc Bill”,

And Football’s still his Game,

He’s done a lot of Things,

That he could brag about,

Advanced Degrees,

Athletes he Sees,

A Wife and a Family,

He speaks of so Proudly,

Yet, he’s still the Same,

And, “Bill” is still his Name,

But, I can tell,

They Love him,

Because he’s Wonderful,

Because he’s just their “Bill”!


I used to dream that I would discover,

A Special Pupil One Day,

I knew I’d recognize him,

If ever, he came ‘round my Way,

He’d grow to be one of those God-like kind of men,

With a Giant Brain and a Noble Head,

Like the Heroes Bold,

In the books I’d Read,

But, along came “Bill”,

Who’s not that type at all,

His smile and Face,

Athletic Grace,

Are not the kind you’d find in a Statue,

Yet, I can’t explain,

He’s surely not “A Brain”,

But, I could tell,

That he was “Special”,

Because he’s, I don’t know,

Because he’s just my “Bill”!


He’s just my “Bill”,

So handsome, dark, and Tall,

You’d meet him in the Hall,

And always notice him,

Those big, brown Eyes,

So Deep and Wise,  

Both Brilliant and Daring,

Yet, Thoughtful and Caring,

Still, I can’t Explain,

It’s surely not his Name,

But I could Tell,

He’d be “Special”,

“Some Kind Of Wonderful”,

Because he’s Just My “Bill”!


Now, he’s my “Doctor Bill”,

And Healing is his Theme,

He took away the Pain,

And made me walk Again,

With constant Faith,

His Surgeon’s Hands,

To God gave the Glory,

‘Cause Love is his Story,

Whether Rich or Poor,

He treats them All the Same,

And They can tell,

He’s “Special”,

And he is Wonderful,

Because he’s still just “Bill”!


Original Poetry by Kathryn E Phillips

For Dr. William Prince Bryant, "Bill",
And 'The Class of 1971'.

A Rhythmic Interpretation
Inspired from Music by Jerome Kern
Copyright 1927


Composed by Kathryn



Bill in 1964 as 'Huck Finn'!

Third from Left: Bill Bryant pictured as 'Huck Finn'

L-R: John Richardson, Dwight Beavers as 'Tom Sawyer', Bill Bryant as 'Huck Finn',

and..Ernie Wright

Cast Members from..
A 1964
  Sixth-Grade Class Production


“Tom Sawyer”

A Musical Version

Photos by: Kathryn E Phillips

In 2001, I began to think about
ways in which outstanding alumni
,like "Bill",
could be honored
during the
Stevenson Depot Days Festival.
Those who live outside
The Greater Stevenson, AL Area
aren't eligible for nomination
Maybe we could..
establish a..
'Stevenson Depot Days
Hall of Fame',
I thought.
How about..
awarding a 'Stevenson Choo Choo Statuette'?
our own unique..
'Oscar' or 'Emmy'?

An Award-Winning WEBSITE?
I don't know how such a yearly recipient
would be selected,
or if it would ever happen..!
Anyway, here's my personal introduction to my Website Tribute for


... A Personal Introduction to:'MY DOCTOR BILL'

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"Doc Bill" lost his final battle with Lung Cancer in the summer of 2006...

AP Photo at NAVY vs DUKE Football Game 2007

The late "Doc Bill's" son...
Shown above...
Catches a Touchdown Pass...
As Quarterback for NAVY in 2007
NAVY vs DUKE Football Game!


"• QB Jarod Bryant, played an important role as Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada’s backup in 2007. He was predicted to be a double threat at slot-back and quarter-back in 2008. He lined up at quarterback as needed in 2008, doing a fine job, until a serious shoulder injury in mid-season intervened."
Jarod graduated from NAVY in 2010.
He was accepted into Pilot's School shortly thereafter!...

A Pictorial Memory of 'Doctor Bill' and the...
CLASS of 1971



Courtesy of Kathryn E. Phillips