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Our first 'Spirit of The Week Award' in June 2005'
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The Gin-Tai Tibetan Spaniels
Each Flower is a Soul opening out to Nature.~~Gerard De Nerval~~Visit DRealm of DSpirit~~~~HERE!Each Flower is a Soul opening out to Nature.~~Gerard De Nerval~~Visit DRealm of DSpirit~~~~HERE!

~~~~~We received the wonderful poem below
from Denny Lancaster of THE SOARING EAGLES: 08/16/2004
by Spirit Keeper
We found your sweet little cheer,
wrapped in a tissue paper white;
Before we unwrapped it we hear,
sounds from the heart you write.
Now your cheer we will carry
close to our buttoned vest;
Now we are not quick but tarry,
time for listening to the blest.
Little did you know you'd be heard,
for you underestimated your power;
But Faeries listen for the word,
beating in your heart each hour.
So keep your eyes on the sparrow,
remember our road is often narrow,
each cheer written will be heard,
and understand the power of your word.
Thank you, Fairy Golden Dawn, aka: Lady Lisa, for the following beautiful words and personal gift: 08/17/2004
I heard a Cheer..
It rang so Sweetly through the Gardens of Spirit!!!
Where Fairies and Wee ones...
Spirits and Fighters...
Team Leaders and All That Believe in...
The Magic of Cheers....
So on this day, I did hear and find you...
I leave a Wee token of Gratitude!!!!
Thanks, Lady Lisa, for helping us 'Keep The Dream Alive'!

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