He’s known as, “Buc’s Doc Bill”,

And Football’s still his Game,

He’s done a lot of Things,

That he could brag about,

Advanced Degrees,

Athletes he Sees,

A Wife and a Family,

He speaks of so Proudly,

Yet, he’s still the Same,

And, “Bill” is still his Name,

But, I can tell,

They Love him,

Because he’s Wonderful,

Because he’s just their “Bill”!


I used to dream that I would discover,

A Special Pupil One Day,

I knew I’d recognize him,

If ever, he came ‘round my Way,

He’d grow to be one of those God-like kind of men,

With a Giant Brain and a Noble Head,

Like the Heroes Bold,

In the books I’d Read,

But, along came “Bill”,

Who’s not that type at all,

His smile and Face,

Athletic Grace,

Are not the kind you’d find in a Statue,

Yet, I can’t explain,

He’s surely not “A Brain”,

But, I could tell,

That he was “Special”,

Because he’s, I don’t know,

Because he’s just my “Bill”!


He’s just my “Bill”,

So handsome, dark, and Tall,

You’d meet him in the Hall,

And always notice him,

Those big, brown Eyes,

So Deep and Wise,  

Both Brilliant and Daring,

Yet, Thoughtful and Caring,

Still, I can’t Explain,

It’s surely not his Name,

But I could Tell,

He’d be “Special”,

“Some Kind Of Wonderful”,

Because he’s Just My “Bill”!


Now, he’s my “Doctor Bill”,

And Healing is his Theme,

He took away the Pain,

And made me walk Again,

With constant Faith,

His Surgeon’s Hands,

To God gave the Glory,

‘Cause Love is his Story,

Whether Rich or Poor,

He treats them All the Same,

And They can tell,

He’s “Special”,

And he is Wonderful,

Because he’s still just “Bill”!


Original Lyrics and Hammond Organ Solo by Kathryn E Phillips

Authorized for use by Kathryn E Phillips

Music by Jerome Kern









Top: Bill Bryant pictured at Right

Bottom: L-R: John Richardson, Dwight Beavers, Bill Bryant,

Ernie Wright

Cast Members from “Bill’s” 1964  Sixth-Grade Class Production


“Tom Sawyer”

A Musical Version

Directed by: Kathryn E Phillips